Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny boys


When about to leave with Rob to go to Walmart:
Jack: Mommy, will you be okay?
Me: Yes, honey. I'll be fine. =-)
Jack: Well don't fall on your head.
Me: Okay, I'll try not to.


Nutrition 101 with Ben

Me: What would you like for breakfast? Toast, waffles, oatmeal, cream of wheat, granola?
Ben: I would like... a donut, cookies and Cheetos!
Me: We don't have any cookies and donuts and Cheetos are not good for you. If you had those for breakfast you would feel tired and wouldn't be able to think to do your work at school today.
Ben: Okay, I will just have a donut and just a few Cheetos.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conversations With Jack (Book II in the series)

(Jack climbed in our bed at 2:30 am saying he *heard* a monster biting him)
This morning:
Me: So what was your bad dream about last night?
Jack: Which one?
Me: You had more than one?
Jack: Well my other dream was about you turned into a spider and you ate me!
Me: Oh no! That is a bad dream!
Jack: Mommy, promise you will never turn into a spider.
Me: I promise!
Jack: Alright.

While in the car this morning.
Emma: (crying)
Jack: Emma, you want Mommy?
Emma: Uh UH!!!!!
Jack: You want juice?
Emma: UH UH!!!!!
Jack: You want elbows?
Emma: UH UH!!!!!
Jack: Well, you already have elbows.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Car rides

Had my windows down on the way to pick up Ben (65 and sunny!)
Jack: Mom, that air makes my brain happy!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bed time!

While putting Jack to bed:
Jack: Mom, there are monsters in here.
Me: There aren't any monsters. Go to sleep.
Jack: But Mom, you have to scare the monsters away.
Me: (Sigh) Okay monsters, even if you're good you have to go out. Jack is scared so go away. There. All the monsters are gone.
Jack: But Mom.
Me: Go to sleep!
Jack: Mom!
Me: What, Jack?
Jack: Those monsters don't have any ears.
Me: (laughing) Well, that's okay. They heard me with their brains.
Jack: Oh.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

More funny quotes from the boys...

Christmas Day...
Even at 3:30am (and with a fever) Benjamin is still our funny little guy:
Ben: Mom?
Me: Yes?
Ben: I didn't see any coal for Jack.

(upon opening his rolls of tape from Santa)
Ben: Mom! Dreams DO come true!

Ben: I'm very impressed with this Christmas!

Dec. 26th

Ben: (holding a piece of tape) Mom, this is in case your arm falls off. If your arm falls off, just tape it back on.

Dec. 27th

Jack: are we going to little rock to sleep?
Me: yes, we're going to Mimama's.
Jack: Okay! Okay, Captain!
Me: Jack, you're cute!
Jack: Yes, I AM!

Dec. 31st

Jack: Mommy, you're my friend. And I love you!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Festivities and Funnies

Ben: Mom, where's my gift?
Me: What gift?
Ben: Well it's gift day isn't it?

Ben's dictated letter to Santa:

Dear Santa,

I want to see your house because I don't know what it looks like so I want to at least visit.

I really love you but next time I want to go with you on your sleigh because I really want to know what it looks like and I really like you and I love you so much as a giant.

And for Christmas I want 10 rolls of tape.



Ben: Mom, the sun is my friend and I DO NOT want him to ever die.
Me: Why would the sun die?
Ben: No honey, I'm talking about I DON'T want him to die.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An evening in the life...

Jack getting out of bed for the 12th time:
Me: What do you need now, Jack?
Jack: Wellllll... I need go pee again.

14th time:
Me: Yes?
Jack: I have a hair in my mouth and I can't get it out.

16th time:
Me: silence. eyebrow raised.
Jack: I need my water.

20th time:
Jack: Well Mommy, I just want to give you hug and a kiff.

=-) That boy knows how to get out of trouble. Cute mispronunciations and all.